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Department of Transportation Exam

Welcome to Redding D.O.T.-A Nationally Certified DOT Examiner

Professional truck and bus drivers are often required to have a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical or exam, which is mandated by federal laws. The purpose of a DOT Exam is designed to ensure that Class A drivers and other commercial operators are in a good state of health. This helps to keep drivers on the road who can safely handle long hours and the physical and emotional stress that accompanies operating commercial vehicles. Dr. Donovan Hutchings is our certified and licensed DOT to examine at Redding D.O.T in Redding, CA, who is ready to help you maintain your driving status with an official exam.

What to Expect in a DOT Exam

Our Redding D.O.T. examiner will have you fill out a health history form and then discuss with you any concerns you may have about your general health and the DOT exam itself. We then proceed to check your basic vital signs such as lung and heart function and coordination. Our Redding D.O.T. examiner will also, document your weight and will also perform a basic vision and hearing test.

By law, Class A truck drivers and many other operators must pass a urinalysis for a drug screening and glucose level check. The exam will take about 45 minutes to complete, and those who pass the examination often will not need to return for another two years for a new certification exam. However, if you have certain conditions or limitations on your wellness, there may be a certificate issued for a shorter period, such as three months. After such a period, you can be re-examined to see if your condition has healed enough to issue a one or two year certificate.

Redding D.O.T.-Services and Wellness Advice

If you have issues such as back pain, neck pain, bodily tension or discomforts such as headaches or sciatica, Redding D.O.T. can help you get relief. We understand that certain conditions may be hindering your ability to maintain certification status, and our team offers a variety of natural, non-invasive services and techniques to help you improve many common conditions. Let us help you improve your overall health and provide you with holistic pain relief that can mean the difference in a full pass or a temporary driving status with the DOT.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Redding, CA DOT Examiner Today

Whether you need a DOT exam in Redding, CA or have conditions that may be causing you discomfort or even impeding your on-the-road abilities, contact Redding D.O.T. today online or call 530-221-4991 to schedule an appointment for a consultation or exam.

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